2016 Ice & Mixed Fest Activities for Non-climbers

Snowshoe Clinics

In conjunction with the Duluth Ice & Mixed Fest, Day Tripper of Duluth is offering snowshoe clinics in and around the quarry, from 9 am through 3 pm on Saturday, February 27th. These family-friendly, 90-minute clinics are designed to teach basic snowshoe skills along with nature interpretation (tree and animal identification). Snowshoes will be provided. Sign up in advance via Day Tripper’s online registration page. Meet at the registration table (near the parking lot trailhead) 15 minutes prior to clinic for snowshoe fitting.

Informal Snowshoe Introduction

Throughout the day on Saturday, February 27th, the UMD Recreational Sports Outdoor Program will have snowshoes available at the quarry for adults and kids to try out free of charge. No sign-up required. Does not include formal instruction. This is basically an opportunity to strap a pair on and take a lap!

Fat Tire Bike Introduction

In conjunction with the Duluth Ice & Mixed Fest, the College of St. Scholastica’s Outdoor Pursuit! program will have a handful of Fat Tire bikes available in the quarry from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, February 27th. This is a great opportunity for folks who have been looking for an opportunity to pedal a Fattie! Free of charge. No prior sign-up required.

Warming Tent and Observation Area

The Duluth Climbers Coalition will have a warming tent and observation area located in the quarry throughout the day on Saturday, February 27th. Step inside to get a break from the wind, or ease back in Loll chairs to watch climbers in action while sipping something warm. We’ll also have folks on hand to answer questions about climbing and explain the ropes and other gear that climbers use to practice their sport safely.