DCC Receives $10,000 REI Grant for Ice Farm!

May 22, 2019 Comments Off on DCC Receives $10,000 REI Grant for Ice Farm!

Terrific news! The Duluth Climbers Coalition has been awarded a $10,000 REI Co-op Outdoor Place Grant for the Quarry Park Ice Farm construction! In addition, REI and the DCC will be partnering in the future so that the assets of each may benefit the other. The grant is only the beginning of good things for the Duluth outdoor community, thanks to REI. In terms of this grant, it will allow us to begin construction of the ice farm this summer. The ice farm will greatly expand the pure ice climbing possibilities at the quarry, particularly for beginning and intermediate climbers. Thanks to generous donors like Loll Designs, a multitude of climbers and other individuals, and now REI, here is your future, Duluth:

Conceptual image of Quarry Park ice farming


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