It’s a Park!!

May 11, 2016 Leave your thoughts

On May 9, 2016, the Duluth City Council unanimously passed resolution 16-0328R which officially creates a new city park, called Quarry Park, around Casket Quarry! The mini-master plan (also approved) for the new parkland has a significant climbing component, including ice farming (with any luck, we may be farming ice by the 2017/2018 season). It’s been a whirlwind process…almost impossible to believe that in just a year-and-a-half we’ve gone from an abandoned industrial site with a long history of dumping, graffiti, and illegal partying, to a brand new city park that will be a nexus for outdoor recreation in West Duluth. The DCC has proudly played a key role throughout this process, with help from the Access Fund, Minnesota Climbers Association, Duluth Parks and Recreation staff, and the Minnesota Land Trust, among others. The next step: the DCC is currently working with the City to create a climbing management plan for the site that will be implemented before the 2016/2017 winter climbing season, a plan that will be a starting point for facilitating city-wide climbing access and site management (including bouldering and Ely’s Peak). Climbing in Duluth is official, and it’s here to stay!13124752_10154118279335883_6781842916004775673_n

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