North Shore Style Climbing Comp

“Are you Yeti for this?”

2019 Comp results and photos!

In December, 2019, the Yetis will storm back into Duluth for the most exciting competition in the north, hosted by the Duluth Climbers Coalition in support of Duluth climbing. This will be a chance to climb all day at Vertical Endeavors, Duluth, on brand-new routes, win gear, support your local climbing access organization, and meet psyched climbers from all over the region!

Nothing abominable about wanting answers to these important questions:


Saturday, December 7th, 2019.

Check-in begins at 10 am. Competition rules and announcements will be at 10:30 am, with climbing beginning immediately afterward (approximately 11).  Finals will begin at 3 pm.


Vertical Endeavors, 329 South Lake Avenue, Duluth, MN 55805


$45 per entry. However, the first 20 registrations will receive an early bird rate of $35!!

In addition, our venue space dictates that the maximum number of competitors for NSS is 100–so that’s it! Please register early to reserve your spot! Do not assume there will still be spaces open on the day of the comp. To keep NSS fun and manageable for all, we will not accept more than 100 entries, no matter how far you’ve traveled to show up!

What are the divisions, and when do I decide what division I’m in?

Beginner: 5.5 to 5.8 (male and female combined)

Intermediate: 5.9 to 5.10b (separate male and female divisions)

Advanced: 5.10c to 5.11b (separate male and female divisions, with lead final)

Open category: 5.11c-plus (male and female combined, with lead final)  

Choose your category the day of the comp. Use your best, fairest judgement: comp organizers reserve the right to bump a competitor up or down from a chosen category based on performance.

I’ve never entered a comp before. How does it work?

Our comp format is open climbing for three hours. The route setters have determined a designated amount of points for each route based on difficulty. For example, 100 points: if a climber finishes the route without falling, he or she gets 100 points. If he or she does it cleanly on the second attempt, they are awarded 75 points. After two attempts or more, 50 points are awarded. Again, these numbers are just examples for a 100-point climb. After three hours, each competitor’s top three climbs are totaled together for an overall score. For advanced and open categories, the top three climbers will also have a final lead climb. The top scores (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place) in each category receive prizes! Oh, and we provide belayers, so you can maximize your time doing the fun stuff!

Why should I compete?

Again, it’s super fun!! North Shore Style is like a big climbing party! You get to climb all day on brand-new routes. You get to meet and hang out with climbers from all over the Midwest (Canadians have also been known to make the trek south for NSS!). There will be awards, door prizes, and T-shirts for every competitor (shirts guaranteed in your size if you register early; cut-off date for t-shirt size guarantee is November 15th!).

Anything else I need to know?

Rental gear is available at Vertical Endeavors. There will be a storage area to leave bags, belongings, etc. We need belay volunteers! Helping out (non-competitors only) for a few hours or the full day will earn you a free t-shirt and the Yeti’s eternal gratitude! To volunteer, or for answers to any other questions: